Any point in holding on to Agholor?

I’ve also got Thielen, Woods, Sanders, Anderson and Ju Ju. I’ve got PIT DST and seriously thinking about dropping Agholor to grab ARZ off WW for this week.

I’ve also got Shady, Kamara, Duke, McKinnon.

So feeling not too terrible ROS. Just really feeling the need to strengthen my DEFENSE this week.

10 team PPR

Should I hit the brakes here with this thought???

10 man… Drop aghilor


TY my FFB friend!!! Being WW Tue, I already had the claim/process in, but since it won’t process til early morning figured I’d toss this in for some feedback. With the rest of my roster, I didn’t figure I’d be making the bad choice here since Ertz is expected back. BUT…LOL…we all know how that goes. Anyway…with the rest of my roster…hadn’t planned to start him anyway. So…again…TY buddy!!!

Oh yeah…forgot to add…I just went 4-6…so…prob not much chance of making it to P/O…but…in this business…LOL…ya just never know. At this point every week can make or break!!!