Any really tight leagues?

My one league there is only 2 for sure playoff teams at 9-3 and 7-5. 4 of us at 6-6 and 4 at 5-7.

2 5-7 vs 5-7 games and I am in a 6-6 vs 6-6 game

If I win I am in, but a couple of the 5-7 trans have more points than me. Should be an exciting weekend of fantasy in the closest league I have every been in.

I love leagues that turn out like this. Nothing better in fantasy football than a little last second drama! I don’t get to partake in the playoff push as my bye was locked up on Monday (Lamar MVP) so I’ll be watching for two weeks.

There are three big matchups this week, one is two 5-7 teams head to head fighting for the last playoff spot and three teams fighting for a bye in the other division.

I have my popcorn ready.