Any reason to hold onto this player?

Cameron Meredith

Ok I’m in a keeper league and drafted him for $1… So next year he would be a great keep… But he did nothing in preseason and with a shootout in NO today he still got no pts.

Is there any reason to believe he will be involved? Or should I drop him for a waiver wire add. If I drop him to waivers he can no longer be kept.

His reception perception was great in the UDK so I thought he might be a sleeper… But I guess not.


Are you going to tell us which player or are we supposed to guess?

I’m assuming you’re talking about Cam Meredith? I’m guessing he’s still injured.

LOL my bad :joy::joy:

Changed the title of the post and realized I didn’t have his name in the post.

I’ve since edited it…


pretty sure he wasn’t active today, austin carr got the #3 shot but not sure if he really did much of anything either, but with ginn and traquon also there in addition to carr, im fine dropping meredith until that gets figured out, if at all, and if that means risking him as a keeper i don’t mind that either.

I don’t see any reason to hold him.

Okay so I guessed right.

Don’t see any reason to hold him. I’m holding him in dynasty but own zero shares of him in redraft.

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I cut him before the 4th preseason game and picked up Cole. He played most of the 4th preseason game and seems to be practice squad material for right now. You should be able to find some better options on the wire this week.