Any reason to worry about JAX DST against SEA week 14?

On paper, it looks like a great matchup for Jacksonville given Seattle’s reliance on the passing game and weak O-line. But given Seattle’s typical late season surge, and Russell Wilson’s playmaking means they can score even against good D, I wonder if this matchup maybe doesn’t turn so well.

It’s the first week of the fantasy playoffs, so I don’t want a dud. Can someone with more fantasy experience tell me if I should be pumping the brakes on JAX?

That’s a tough one. I’m using this week to see how the Seahawks play against a good Philly defense though before I consider the Jags a must start for playoff weeks. I personally picked up the Steelers D to play against Baltimore in week 14 just in case Russel demolished the Philly D which would leave me with little confidence starting them knowing there are better matchups out there.

Edit: Not sure if that’s the correct strategy haha but take it for what it’s worth.