Any sites allowing for multi-week playoff matchups?

I think I already know the answer to this, but maybe somebody out there knows something I don’t. My 12-team league this year will have an 11-week regular season followed by a 1-wk, 2-wk, 2-wk playoff bracket spanning weeks 12-16. I’ve found that even sites toting high levels of customization, such as MFL and fleaflicker, do not allow for this. My current plan is to just use Yahoo! and run the playoffs manually through the message boards. Does anyone know a better way? Thanks.

I’m a first time Commish this year and I set my league up on ESPN and multi week playoffs is an option… but I didn’t dive into the full customization of it… it only takes a minute to start creating a league and check it out for yourself.

I checked ESPN out. Completely different than the last time I tried it. Anyway, close but no cigar. It forces you to make ALL playoff matchups 2 weeks, which pushes the second half of the championship to Week 17. Oh well. Offline playoffs it is.

I mean I’m the commissioner of my espn league and our playoffs are 6 teams… weeks 14, 15, 16… division leaders get a bye week 14… so 2nd and 3rd place in each division plays week 14… the winners of those games play the division leader week 15… and the championship is week 16… sooo either I’m totally misunderstanding you or you’re just wrong lol.

It would be the former - you are totally misunderstanding me. What you described is single-week playoff matchups and is quite standard. The title of the post mentions “multi-week” playoff matchups. What I’m after is a 6-team, 3-round, 5-week (1-wk, 2-wk, 2-wk) playoffs spanning weeks 12 - 16.
I like the idea of an 11-week regular season for a 12-team league because then every team plays every other team exactly once during the regular season. You don’t have the unfairness of someone having to play the best team twice and someone else getting to play the worst team twice.