Any suggested trade targets?

2-4 and panicking in a 10 team half ppr league. mostly because my team has pooped in their big boy pants consistently.

RB’s: Lynch, Fournette, James White, Alex Collins, Marlon Mack
WR’s: Hopkins, Adams, Woods, Cooper, Kirk
TE: Graham, Seals Jones
Stafford Bears D and Dan Bailey fill out the rest of the roster.

Any suggestions on trade targets or positions to upgrade? or should I just stand pat? I’m shook lol

You are pretty strong at WR, so I would see if I can get a upgrade at RB. A duo of Fournette and James White is interesting but you never know with the harmstring of Fournette. So Id see what I can get at RB for one of your WRs.

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I would try to give away two wrs for a top tier rb. I think I’d be okay giving away Adams and a ram wr for a top 3 rb. You’d be giving up a lot at wr but say you traded woods and Adams. Kupp will be fine once back and you will be set at rb.

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