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Any suggestions / 10 Teams Standard League / greetings from Austria


He Footclan, i am playing for the second year and we had the draft yesterday (QB, 2xRB, 2x WR, TE, Flex, D/ST, K, 6 Bench) i had the 7th Pick…

QB: Andi Dalton, Big Ben
RB: Freeman, Gillislee, CJ Anderson, R Kelley, Mc Fadden, Stewart
WR: M Thomas, S Watkins, K Allen, Tyreek Hill,
TE: Z Ertz
D/ST: Texans

Any suggestions about my Team? I´m not really happy with my RBs, love the WRs and QB…

Thanks for your thougths,

Greetings from Austria



This is a pretty solid team. I think that you have done a good job with your RBs, especially with the depth. The fact that 2 of your WRs are injury risks makes me nervous, but as long as they are healthy, you will score points. Well done.


Thanks for the answer, Would you trade or look at the waiver for another WR and give away JStew or Kelley?


I always look for trade opportunities. I like to look at all of the other rosters in the league and see where the teams have strengths and weaknesses. I approach teams that have strengths that match my weaknesses and vice versa.

And my attitude is that every player on my team could be traded. That mentality helps a lot because it helps you be more objective. I used to have a mental block that stopped me from considering a trade when someone put out a trade offer for one of my best players. I have seen so many trade offers that seem crazy at first glance but turn out to be pretty good after logical evaluation.


Trade McFadden for another WR. Trade him for the value of a solid weekly starter until week 8, even though he won’t be. Crabtree or Fitz-type. That would be the only move I’d make. Sammy is no longer an injury risk. Stewart isn’t great but he is reliable against a weak run defense.

Watch the film on Freeman, he is a superstar. After week 1 CJ may get trade value due to his great match-up.


Thank you guys for your thoughts! I have allready thought about trading McFadden for WR Depth…

Quike Question… In the first round I play against Antonio Brown and i have BigBen… Does it make sense to start the QB against the Elite WR to lets say share the points?


It makes sense to play Roethlisberger against Cleveland.

But it does not make sense to make start/sit decisions 3 weeks before game time.


Of course im playing Big Ben against the Browns, i think im playing each player against the Browns all day.

I meant in general does it make sense to Play a QB against an Elite WR from the same Team, so I get the points for the passes as well as my Opp gets the points for the catches?

Sorry if the questions sound a bit stupid, but like I sayed im new in the game :slight_smile: .


No, actually the question makes sense.

Personally, I usually don’t consider the matchup against a WR ( for a QB) as anything but a tie breaker. So if I have 2 QBs that have equal matchups, it would help with the tough decision over which one to start.


Thanks for all the answers, you are helping me a lot!!!

Anybody thinking about getting Jonathan Williams cause of the Shady to Eagles / Texans story??


I have not heard anything. What is the story?


There was this tweet from a guy from Rotoworld…



If Zeke suspension stays at 6 weeks and doesn’t get brought down to 4 McFadden could be a low end RB2.

Maybe look at the Zeke owner and see how much he wants to pay to cuff Zeke for the rest of the season very good scenario much like the Bell/Williams situation the last 2 seasons.