Any thoughts on Freeman?

A guy just dropped Freeman and i guess he was worried over his 2nd concussion this season and I had waiver 1 and snatched him up-I was thinking when he plays next week hopefully to start him over Melvin Gordon probably ROY if
Melvin doesn’t get his act together-He has been so up and down-scares to even play him-smh-Thoughts??? Thanks…

I’m riding the Jags defense ROY and dropped Seattle D for Freeman-Thoughts on him ROY if healthy over Gordon?? Thoughts much appreciated!!!

C mon peeps give me your honest opinion on this as I may bench Gordon Thursday as I have some good backups-possibly Freeman if healthy

Very lucky someone dropped Freeman as I think he will return and start to get it back to beginning of season… I would honestly play matchups with both him and Gordon, as long as health permits

I got a feeling in my opinion that after this week Ekler may be the starter-???

Is there no way you can play both? Gordon still had 21 touches including 5 catches last week. I think he is still very valuable fantasy asset.

My running backs are shady Kamara Gordon Martin CMC and Freeman

Gordon had a lot of touches and no yards etc and a couple catches and no yards basically-he scares the heck out me every week in PPR