Any thoughts on my team

10 man league my team is
Andrew luck
Dalvin Cook
Saquan Barkley
Devonta freeman
Allen Robinson
Demaryius thomas
Ty Hilton
Oj Howard
Will lutz
Chargers def

James Connor
Kerryon Johnson
Adrian Peterson
Mohamed sanu
Keelan Cole
Robby Anderson

Any thoughts

Not trying to bring you down man but this team is below average imo for a 10-teamer. You have too much risk here. Luck and Cook are both coming off of severe injuries. Barkley is talented but unproven in the NFL. Freeman is hurt already after week 1, and his injury risk heading into Week 1 was well known. Allen Robinson hasn’t been relevant in a long time and there’s no telling how he will do on a different team D. Thomas is old and has clearly lost a step. Hilton is dependent on Luck (see above). OJ Howard is a beast but Brate is still in the picture. I rate 5 or 6/10.

The good news is, you can still do very well if things pan out your way. There’s no way to tell with most of these guys and fantasy football is easily 50% luck, even for the most knowledgeable so take my input with a grain of salt. Start your guys and crush. Good luck mate.

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I like luck just because his ceiling is so high in 2014 he dropped 40tds 2015 got injured 2016 dropped 31 tds then got injured again. If he stays healthy he can be a td machine. Allen Robinson I think change of scenery will be good for him and when he’s actually healthy he’s relevant.

But do you have any thoughts on who I should try and get in free agency if available. Any sleepers that you like.

Should also mention it’s full PPR 6 points for passing td and running backs get extra point for every 4th carry.

I agree, your team has potential. Not denying that but as a dude who’s played FF for a long time (almost 20 years), I prefer a bit less risk when I draft but the draft is just the foundation for your team (as the Ballers say).

It’s hard to suggest FA pickups without seeing your wire but obvious suggestion include Latavius Murray (in case Cook is slow out of the gate or suffers any setbacks) and make a move on Tevin Coleman if you can. Freeman is going to be a problem all season I suspect. There are tons of wide receivers who can emerge in a big way this year (Geronimo Allison when Randall Cobb eventually gets hurt). I love your Robby Anderson bench stash (just not vs Darius Slay in week 1 with a rookie QB). I would dump Sanu, he will rarely be fantasy relevant. Love the Keelan Cole stash, keep him 100%. James Conner could be huge depending on how the Bell situation plays out. Keep an eye on Tyrell Willaims and Mike Williams. One of those guys is going to be big this year. The Chargers have a VERY favorable schedule this year and it’s a high octane offense…but that’s a wait and see situation. Those are just a few thoughts that immediately come to mind.

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The person on my league has Coleman and Bell maybe trade Connor for Coleman?

Or do you think Connor has more value and maybe get a reciever also

Interesting idea but this has the potential to backfire in a serious way so I’m reluctant to say “do this”. I would try to get Coleman without giving up Conner but that might not be possible now. Definitely explore talks with the Coleman owner, look at his team and try to find something you have that can legit help him. The other option is to give him Freeman (to pair with his Coleman) while Freeman still has strong legacy value. You can offload some roster risk doing so but you MUST get a solid RB in return.

Nothing wrong with standing pat and see how things shake out during Week 1. Week 1 often features outlier performances that can strongly (but temporarily) influence trade values that you can capitalize on. The Ballers podcast is usually pretty good and covering these kind of fluctuations so tune in next week for ideas.

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This is a better team than comments thus far make it out to be.

You’ve got three RBs who are first / second rounders according to ADP. I’ve been in a lot of 10 team leagues and its pretty rare to see that happen.

You went RB early in the draft and yet, you managed to net TY at WR, A-Rob, who will be the guy in Chicago, and a proven guy like Demaryius at WR.

Also, you’ve got a potential point stack with Luck and TY.

So the core of your team is strong.

I like most of your bench, too, especially Conner / Kerryon / Cole / Robby. they’ll make good bye week plug ins for you. I’m not sure about Sanu. I would go to your leagues list of available WRs, and find the highest ranked guy according to the consensus of Andy, Jason, and Mike and pick him up to drop Sanu (unless Sanu is higher than whatever the highest ranked FA is.

I would urge patience. It may take Luck a little while to click, and since Saquon’s a rookie, and Dalvin might be eased back, in they may not go boom early in the year. Don’t go nuts and start dropping / trading those guys. They’re good players.

Also, don’t worry Devonta’s injury. Rappaport has said it is being described to him as not serious.

Good luck!

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