Any thoughts on what to do?

Team is not looking good this week. All my players are hurt or on bye. Amari Cooper, Adam Thielen, Aj Green, Lamar Jackson, Christian Kirk, Mark Andrews. Looking like I might have to leave a TE or WR spot empty

I can’t seem to find a trade partner to get anything close to value. Am I forced to just leave a spot empty this week? I don’t wanna drop any of those guys for a one week band aid. The league is a 5 person bench. Which makes this even tougher. In the playoff hunt at 4-3 and tied for second. Playing the person I’m tied with this week. So definitely need a win this week.

Any thoughts on what to do?

Is there a rule against leaving a starting potion open or starting a player on bye?

If you put all your bye week/injured players on the bench, can you start an active roster? How many and which positions do you need to fill?

Both a WR spot and TE need to be filled. No I’m the commish in the league no rules for not setting a roster unless it’s for inactivity.