Any trade to be made?

Full PPR, 3 player keeper.
I was approached about trading one of my RBs. He was asking about cmc and Jones. Wtv the package might end up being he would throw in henry in the cmc trade and was talking about throwing in CEH and draft picks for Jones. My first reaction was no but wanted to get a second opinion from you guys. Is there any thing worth kicking the tires on from his team?

Deebo and Woods are very solid WR’s, but we know Deebos health issues and Woods looks like his ceiling is a high end WR2. So I would say if CMC is untradeable, thats a game winner each and every week. But after 4 TD’s you could take the other guys kidneys for Jones. Maybe see his thoughts on CEH (who you can bench and see) and DHOP who as we know is a PPR beast.

A bit of an update here. After the cmc injury the guy is still pushing to do a cmc Henry trade. I’m not opposed to it since both players only have 1 year left of keeper eligibility and I’m nervous about future injury or lesser workload with a hammy injury the rest of the year. But he is willing to add more to henry whether it’s players or draft picks. Any Thoughts?