Any value left for Gilly, Ty Mont, or Davante Adams?

Fortunately all are on my bench as my starting lineup is great, but with byes coming up big in week 9 and 10 for me I’m in a pinch to start any of them. Do any hold significant value? Are any deserving to be dropped? Adams probably is best out of the three but kind of at a loss for Ty Mont and Gillislee. Standard scoring, thanks for any and all input…

Your best bet is trying to package trade them for 1 or 2 guys that are wr3 with high upside or an under performing rb like abdullah

Yeah you’re probably right, unfortunately league members just haven’t been biting. I have 2 solid QBs with Wentz as my starter and Tyrod Taylor as my backup but Jameis Winston hit waivers and I was considering dropping Gilly to grab him considering his value is much higher and his schedule intertwines nicely with Carson Wentz’s… is it crazy to consider rostering 3 QBs?

Not entirely, especially if you plan on trading one of them. And that might be where you could package one of those 3 in also

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Yes it is.

Im still holding TyMont… in all fairness to him Jones has been reliant on the big break away play and TyMont still has broken ribs for Christs sake… Im waiting until post bye to make a definitive decision on him until i see him healthy with Hundley having these 2 weeks to settle into the offense… Gillislee on the other hand… I just cant bring myself to hold him any longer… i honestly plan to drop him for Lewis tomorrow… Adams… hes a hold for now imo…