Any Weaknesses or upgrade opportunities?

I’m lookin to get some feedback on my team and whether or not you think I should be trying to upgrade a certain position. Any feedback welcome, thanks!

Full PPR
QB - Murray
WR - Diggs, Metcalf, DJ Moore, Deebo, Corey Davis
RB - CMC, Swift, Robinson, Singletary, Hines
TE - Andrews
DST - Buffalo

I mean that team looks like it should be in the playoffs no doubt. Murray is the only question with the new injury worry but this looks like a team I wouldnt wanna face

Maybe like robinson and deebo to get like a cook or zeke might upgrade it but even then you have such quality depth you can pick best matchups between them which I think id rather have

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its an 8 team league this year so everyone has top tier players (if that info sways your opinion)

Oh yeah that does a bit. Still its a great team if your worried about murray id prepare for that but I think your team is still very solid

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