Anybody else having probs posting here tonight?

Having sleet and snow here past few hours, and usually doesn’t cause probs. BUT…been noticing that I’ve been having probs “editing” any posts I’ve made or commented on. No probs with OP’s or anything like that…just “editing” my posts and sometimes using the “reply” to a specific poster

LOL…drives me nuts when this happens. Which very RARELY happens here. So…just curious if it’s just here or everywhere!!!

I thought I had similar issues editing a comment and replying to one, but I thought it was my own error.

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LOL…apparently we’re not both going nuts!!! :+1:

I knew it wasn’t me after clicking on the “edit” two, three, four times and then trying it after hitting the “REFRESH”. Was just worried that it was my puter.

So…thanks. At least I know it’s not just me. Prob just this crazy weather!!!