Anybody making a move for Cooper Kupp?

The Kupp owner in my league is looking to move him cause he needs a win BAD. I’m 4-2 and sitting ok at the moment. He asked me if I’m interested and I am, but not sure what his value is since he’ll likely miss 2-3 games.

he make any offers to you?? if you are willing and able to sit on him post trade for a few weeks, could be worth the juice right before playoff push. his production has been there all season.

i traded mccoy for him

see if hell take ekeler or howard

I haven’t gotten any offers yet. I think he wants me to make the first one. I’m afraid to let go of Howard just yet. I’m still holding onto hope with him (even though I’m about to start Marlon Mack over him this week).

I’m in the same situation. I just package traded kupp with Tyler boyd for OBJ and john brown

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He’s wanting Juju for Kupp straight up. I don’t see how it helps either side. Their stats are nearly identical in our .5PPR…image

I was thinking I would take him for either Howard or Juju.

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Yeah. It’s not bad. I’ll have to think about this one. Biggest thing is that JuJu has 63 targets on the year to Kupp’s 42. But Kupp has more TDs.