Anybody thinking about picking up and stashing Sam Darnold?

Draft is done. 16 teams full PPR and I already have two QBs (Mahomes and Case K.), but I’m loving what I see in NYJ and I think Darnold could be a breakout that I’d love to have hidden away on my bench.

nope not for me

No (at least not in redraft). There are plenty other high upside guys who I think have better chances of hitting this year.

I’ve already drafted for this season. Right now, SD is available as an FA for me.

I understand. My point is I’d definitely pick him up if it’s a dynasty/keeper league. Otherwise, I would not.

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Don’t stash rookie QBs. EVEN if Darnold starts the entire season, he will barely break QB2 numbers given how bad that team is. You can easily stream QBs that exceed his production.

Darnold was my fav QB coming out of the draft but Rookie QBs just don’t produce enough and in a standard 10-12 man league with 16 man roster, there are just way to many other valuable assets you should be rostering over a rookie QB.