Anybody use MFL?

I joined a league this year that uses MyFantasyLeague as the platform… is there any option to mock draft through the app? And is the official app called “MFL Platinum”?

There is no official app. MFL Platinum is built by a third party. It’s received a lot of flack in the past however I think it’s evolved into a much better application.

Another option is accessing the MFL site via browser. The website, from my experience, is relatively mobile friendly.

All that said, I am a strong proponent of playing dynasty on web in a full size monitor/tablet - within your means. The ability to perform research and view data in a natural fashion is invaluable. Let me know if you are interested in more details.

If you select My League > Join a Mock Draft, you can join a mock. I have not done one of these for years. Not sure how valuable it will be for you. Mocking on Sleeper is probably still relevant. You can upload your own rankings to MFL to see players in an alternate order.

I can talk about MFL for days… would not play dynasty on any other platform. Ever.