Anybody use for their dynasty league?

I’m looking to start a Dynasty league this year, and i currently use for my other leagues. was curious to see what your settings might look like. thanks

If you are going to use, you’ll almost certainly need to use a Google doc/spread sheet to track a few things year over year - like trades, draft picks, FAAB, etc. The Ballers have a copy in FootClan #support

I would highly recommend using a site designed for dynasty. Especially as the commish. It will make your life so much easier for the site to deal with these details. I prefer MFL. Fleaflicker and Sleeperbot have offerings as well, however, I have not used them before.

I am commissioning a dynasty league using NFL and it is difficult. I am keeping track of draft pick trades on a google doc. It doesn’t allow you to select future picks in trades. People have been having to put them in comments which have been over looked. Also, I had to make it a 24 man “keeper league” because of the lack of dynasty functions. It is has been difficult, but I am just like you and I use NFL for my other leagues and wanted to keep them all together.

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is this your first year? i’m curious on how to put in the rookie draft for the 2nd season?

Yeah, this is my first year. We are planning on doing a text rookie draft. Afterwards I will just input the players onto peoples teams. If anyone does it different on, I would love to know!

thanks for the feedback. you would think by now would add in some features considering the growing popularity of dynasty formats. best of luck on the season.