Anyone auto drafted successfully?

One league’s Comish effed me over so I have 2 drafts at the same time, which is like dang near impossible to run successfully. Anyone dealt with this and had a successful auto draft?

Note: I’m not returning next year to it since I wasn’t consulted on date, but my money is paid at this point.

What if you went into the draft you cared least about and qued multiple players that you’d be happy with so you would just get your best available player that you highlighted auto drafted to you instead of letting the computer auto draft the top rankings from whichever website you’re playing on it would auto draft the players that you have highlighted

I got stuck doing 2 at once a couple years ago. The second started halfway through my first. I did the less money league on my phone and saved the use of my laptop for my preferred league. Suboptimal, but it let me focus on the important league while still keeping an eye on the lesser.