Anyone big on Doctson tonight?

I wasn’t able to get Crowder off waivers but I have Doctson. Crowder seems like the guy to own in a PPR league as Doctson only got a few looks last week.

I normally don’t like playing guys on TNF unless they are studs. Is Doctoson worth throwing out there?

10 team PPR.

Any opinions on him?

What other options do you have?

I honestly don’t like him better than my other options.

At WR I have M. Thomas and Baldwin as my primaries, with Sanders and Cooper(concussed) and Kearse as other options.

For Flex options I have McKinnon and Mixon.

I’m leaning towards not playing him, just curious what others’ opinions on him tonight were.

I like Mixon in the Flex…he’s got the volume and can catch out of the backfield, Murray has gotten more attempts over the past 3 weeks which makes me nervous about McKinnon.