Anyone care to rate my dynasty team?

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Well done.

Only critiques are that I wouldn’t carry four QBs, or three defenses.

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agreed with @morestagedives on this but I’d bump it to 8.5/10.

Definitely do not need that many QB / DST, though with the QB you have I get it. Wentz / BigBen are legit questions for health. I like Minshew as depth and potential upside (I see it). You do not need the Raiders most likely already having TEN / BAL.

I was trying to find an area to improve, but I actually like your depth when you TAXI gets folded in. That’s a strong start and if some of your rookies hit (huge Dobbins fan) your team could be set for a few years.

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Thanks. It was the 18th round. It was either big Ben or a player that would never see the field. I also figured If he had two more good years with juju it would be worth it.
I picked up the raiders specifically for the week one matchup. I don’t know if teddy will be ready with “limited” prep

That’s fair. Mid-season trade bait too.