Anyone considered dropping Ekeler?

Those in week 16 championship leagues, anyone consider dropping or have dropped Ekeler? I also have Gordon and Jackson. I’m looking to pick up a week 16 defense and a QB because I don’t know if I trust Rivers next week against Baltimore in a potential championship match.

I got rid of him and picked up a DST for Championship

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I think drop!
If not tonight, Melvin will come back after another long week to get healthy.
In week 16 Ekeler will not produce numbers to win a championship.
Regards Josh

I just dropped him! I’m a Gordon owner.

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I also dropped him but only because I know he cant be reclaimed until next Wednesday after waivers run and both people on the other side of the bracket from me have $0 FAB so if i wanted to claim him I could. It is possible that someone else could get him if he is a good pick up but as long as I know he cant be played against me I’m happy.

Considering he has BAL next week I think you can drop him. A lot would have to go right for him to A) play next week, B) play without Gordon playing as well, and C) have a good game against BAL.

I dropped him for Jackson, since nobody picked him up yet. Melvin will definetely be back next week, and they will be cautious with ekeler to keep him fresh and healthy for playoffs.