Anyone do the Draft app?

The ballers have a weekly 6 team draft that I have seen people actually signing up for this week. It’s only $3 but why would you sign up for a fantasy football draft in which there is a 1/3 chance you wont have a QB for the week?

I know it’s late but wanted to answer your question anyway.

I played a Week 20 Draft just as you asked - 6 players, $3. Ended up with the 6th pick. It wasn’t until we started that I realized I wasn’t going to get an active QB. However it did lead me to have one of the strongest teams.

My roster:
S. Bradford (not playing)
L. Fournette
D. Lewis
A. Jeffery
K. Rudolph

Won 2nd place worth $5,40.

Nice. I am giving up on it until football next year. I had been doing decently well with basketball. Then went cold. Kept losing H2H games by under 10 points when one player on my team would score like 20 below their average for the day.