Anyone Dropping Kerryon?

12 team 0.5 PPR
Jamaal Williams, Sony Michel, and Rashaad Penny all hit the waiver wire this week.

Drop Kerryon for any of them? Trying to think long term here, who has the most upside this season?
I already have Aaron Jones and Rex Burkhead.


@JasonFFL I need your input on this one bro!

Williams has competition from Jones

Never trust Patriots RBs

Don’t trust RBs in Seattle

I’d stick with Johnson

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I dont think so. Blount might be banged up so kerryon might get more opportunities.

Blount was surprisingly a full practice yesterday

I’d go for Williams or Michel. Give me the RB on a high scoring team over one on the Lions. The patriots run in within 5 yards more than any team in the league and are in the top 3 in scoring every year. Give me Michel and I’ll wait. The Pat’s rbs are banged up so he’ll get his opportunity sooner rather than later.

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It’s hard to take anything away from week 1 cuz they got blown out so bad thethey pretty much abandoned the run game. I am still holding on to kerryon though

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Shoot, this is the dilemma I’m having. Pats and GB both have a way better offense and OLines… I just don’t know if GB will truly go to one guy once Jones is back from the suspension. Same issue I have with the Pats. and the Michel knee injury really worries me

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I’m more going on the track record of the patriots RBs being some of the best for fantasy. If you look at the game script it’s pretty easy to determine who they’ll use in a given week and they have the backfield locked up

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News this morning is Michel is practicing as if he’ll play this week. Burkhead is in concussion protocol but doing individual drills with pads on.

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