Anyone else get completely F****** this week?

Special thanks to :
Kenny Golladay
Tyler Boyd
Eric Ebron
Austin Eckler

It’s not your fault:
T.y Hilton
Tarik Cohen
John Brown


I feel it. Started by trading Ingram and Clement for DJ and Marshawn (pre-injury). Then dropped Marlon Mack fearing a Week 9 bye-pocalypse (my other RBs are DJ and Saquon) to grab Duke Johnson. Had to sit Gronk, and also played against Thielen/AJ Green/Gurley/Denver’s D. It was a rough one.

Nope, my RB corps went from 0 depth to deep thanks to Marlon Mack blowing up

I know injury is a valid excuse. BUT BREIDA fked me. FKED ME HARD. tied in points. I had the only remaining player left. needed just 1 damn yard. YALL KNOW WTF HAPPENED!!!

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Lol I had a fantastic week. Gurley, TY Hilton, George Kittle and even James White, was not expecting any of them to blow up, except gurley of course

imagine having melvin, hyde and JUST trading for sony. Safe to say i lost this week

Ha - I started Sony and McCoy… and then also had Gronk out and started Reed in his place. Fun stuff, needless to say it didnt end well.

Zeke is fucking me hardcore right now. And Allen did a bit. Technically I still have a chance but need 50.4 from Ryan and OBJ tonight.

Oh yeah. I forgot, I have Gronk to and had to drop Mack to pick up Uzomah to fill the position…I dropped Mack and have Murray, Yeldon, and Chubb also on my bench. And at the start of the games I chose Arizona’s d over Denver’s. So, shit week all the way around for me. Ha

Traded Mccaffrey and Landry for Bell and Evans to start the week.

Figured I could survive waiting for Bell since I have M Gordon and Michel as my other two RBs. That didn’t work out so well… (still 5-2, so not the end of the world or anything but yikes was this a bad week).

Need a big Ryan and Falcons in general offensive showing to the tune of 60 points too. I’ll be rooting with you.

Maybe the power of our rooting combined will spur Ryan and the dirty birds to a big out put.

Last week I needed Michel, Tyreek, and Gronk to outscore Mahomes by 33 going into my last game and it happened. Maybe I can get some more of that magic.

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Haha I’m glad I have your luck on my side in this in that case. Here’s to a no defense whatsoever game tonight…

Be careful what you wish for as my luck has been bad, mostly, up to this point.

Case in point. Here’s my bench scoring from this week:

I had diggs, winston, mixon roouugghhh week.

My opponent left Melvin Gordon on their roster. I thought I had it made! Then McCoy and Sony happened to me. In the evening, I was down 12 points with QB and wide receiver to go and opponent had TE. Andy Dalton threw his only touchdown to my opponents TE (Uzomah) and between Dalton and Boyd, I got 10 points. At least it sounds like Sony Michel isn’t out for the season.

This team is amazing. Your starters and bench could be two separate very legitimate contenders.

But I feel your pain. Or see it, rather. 5 points from Elliott while Murray goes off…sucks a lot. Hope you can turn all that into trading gold ASAP though. You’re stacked everywhere lol.

I feel your pain…


Cards Def.



Ertz is the love of my life this season. I feel like he’s gonna break my heart at some point.