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Anyone else have a bad week? Lol


Frustrating week to say the least, learnt my lesson lol


Funny name Hombre… Your bench did great!


I flexed Pryor over Diggs… Baltimore defence got -4pts… My kicker got 0 points… and Hunter Henry got 0 points

And this was my bench My Bench


I might have a bad week if dez and written do well. I’m currently the top scorer in my league, if they do well the guy I am playing will be the only person I would lose to this week. I’m up by 30 in a ppr, 2 point per 10 yards league. So far I have yet to not be the top scorer in a week, so this would be poetic lol.


Jeremy Maclin and Kelvin Benjamin. Stron 0 for my WR team. I feel your pain


I feel your pain… lost by 3 this week starting Ajayi, Kelvin Benjamin, and Hunter Henry.
My opponent also got a big game from Howard to help his team out. But that is how some weeks go. I don’t stress out over them until it gets to be weeks 14,15, & 16.