Anyone else have an ESPN glitch week 2?

I am the commish of my league. There was one team that had his starting lineup set and he ended up losing his matchup. This morning, the lineup that he set for week 3 showed as his lineup for week 2, so it recorded him winning the matchup. Anyone else experience anything like this this week?

@objyn. My league is with ESPN as well. I haven’t seen any issues such as what you posted…but…I will say that the ONE main thing I have noticed about the site this year (since they completely changed and updated everything since last year) is that it seems to be a little slow. As in…whenever I try to switch from one area to another on the FANTASY site, it takes several seconds or more. AND…sometimes I’ve had to “refresh” to get things to update (such as FANTASYCAST).

I figure it’s probably just taking a little time to get everything to “sinc” with alllll the new changes this year and all the bugs worked out.

I’d check and see if everything reverted back to where it should be now. If not…I’d contact ESPN. As the COMMISH, you should have a direct line to somebody than can fix this, as this could be a MAJOR ISSUE!!!