Anyone else having a good day?

Most people seem to be complaingin about injuries, anyone else having a good day/week? Hello championship game.

Great start for me. This is the first leg of my final - I play the same guy again next week and the points are combined.

Started the playoff matchup in a bad spot loosing Keenan then OBJ and had a goose from Rosas and swapped the Broncos for Bills DST - I was down and projected to lose by over 20…

Then Mixon and Cook came to play and my opponents team (Luck, TY, J Cook, Crampus, Bears DST) collapsed. I’ve got Cam, Ertz and DJ Moore to play and he has Adams and MT, I’m projected by 25 (standard) now and feeling fairly confident barring a monster game from his Adams and a total dud from Ertz this has been a real turnaround!

Looks like despite all the injury bad luck, lost Gordon too and now Aaron Jones I won’t be giving up my title without a fight after all it seems - good day so far

I just need to avoid woods and kamara putting up 45 combined in standard and I am in the championship

I wouldn’t say I’ve had a great day, but my opponent (the #1 seed) has had a crappy day. I’ll be in the championship game for the 5th straight time. And I don’t mind having a below-par week because I think it points to a better championship week.

Having a great day (top scorer in the league by a wide margin) except playing from the dreadful losers bracket.

Meh. down 13 with Ertz and Cooks left and he has Jake Elliott left. Hoping Elliott does pull a Fairbairn tonight…

Caveman, what is that scoring format? Hopkins only got me 29 in standard.

Crazy multiplier format with +10 for 100+. All kinds of other crazy multipliers. Basically if you have guys blow up you are handsomely rewarded.

i left Golladay on my bench for curtis samuel, and have maher as my kicker. I am going to have a stressful 24hrs.

So I have Samuel left. Opponent has Cam, Kamara, and Lutz. I am up 37pts. Standard scoring.
Anybody think they can belay my doubts about pulling this off? ESPN’s ““projections”” still have me by a point or so

Low scoring week for lots of folks generally speaking. Most of my guys under performed but I am riding on the backs of Gurley and Cook this week. Up 50 but still have to face CMC. He’s beat 50 in our league at least once this season so still not completely out of the woods.

ME!!! ME!!! ME!!! SUPER BOWL BOUND!!! :joy:

I was wondering why I have been so grumpy on Sundays the last few weeks… Now I know why!


Temporary happiness but yea feeling great today.

Started Justin Jackson and benched Aaron Jones last week and won by 14 points(thank God). Most likely going to be stressed the rest of the week though when I try to find my replacement for Jones.

Im pretty sure my gf lost her two week matchup because of gurley yesterday, she was ahead by 50 going into the week

That’s tough. I’m now 102 ahead but he has CMC tonight. Even if it’s cut to a 70 point lead, I’d be VERY disappointed not to hold on next week.

Mixed. Made it to championships in two leagues. Allen and Saquon cost me bad tho in my 3rd league.


Is why we have a full season league, best record, points as tie breaker.

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my opponent didnt crack 50 in a half ppr. needless to say the easiest week ive ever had!

You arent wrong that it makes more sense, but this is america and we love playoffs and last man standing competitions.