Anyone Else Holding on to David Johnson?

I know Arians says he’s doubtful that he’ll be back. However, Johnson says that he wants to return if the injury heals well. Just discouraged coach talk? Just tough guy player talk? I know he was dropped in a majority of leagues after Arians’ comments, but I’m still holding out hope for my league playoffs. There are some good pickups available on my waiver wires and I am wondering if I am just wasting a spot with DJ. How about other Johnson owners out there?

It’s time to drop him

I have DJ still but my league has an IR spot. Honestly, if DJ does play this year it will be towards the end of playoffs. That means you’ll be putting your playoffs fate on the chance that DJ won’t be effected by his injury when he does return, that he will see a high volume immediately, and that he won’t be rusty. While I still have him in my IR spot, I don’t really have any intention of playing him even if he does come back. Just my opinion though.

Yeah, you guys are confirming my gut feeling. Just hard to let go of your #1 pick you know? I think I’ll go ahead and drop him…

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I had him in 2 of my leagues, I finally dropped him last week - couldn’t hold anymore needed the spot. It was tough for me too I understand.

I totally get not wanting to drop him. I drafted him first pick, he goes down, so I traded for dalvin cook and then lost him. I also had Watson as my QB. Its been a rough year but some times you’ve just got to roll with the punches.

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If you don’t have an IR spot, drop him.

Ouch!! I drafted him #1 overall, but have managed to salvage my season thus far. Just dropped him. :cry:

sliding in late but curious, i still have him. no ir spot, made it to top of the conference, but given the news he got his cast off monday. worth continuing to roster or still drop?

I have some bye’s hitting methis week and dont really want to drop anyone but he is obviously on the block but dont wanna blow a playoff scenario for me

I dropped him last week because I needed the roster spot with all the byes. I am tempted to pick him back up just in case. Looks likely that I’ll make the playoffs and I could see playing him in the playoffs over any running back I could pick up off waivers right now. The way I see it, it all comes down to if you can pick up someone off waivers that will really improve your roster and help you make the playoffs and/or improve your playoff team.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, there is NO CHANCE DJ comes back this season due to his injury history. Palmer is done for year, they are at 4-5 right now behind the rams and seahawks. Absolutely no reason for the cardinals to put him on the field rest of the year and risk any sort of injury to arguably their best or 2nd best player. If this is a keeper league hang onto him but otherwise hes about as useful as any other guy on IR.

Definitely good points there. Just hard to let go sometimes…:tired_face: