Anyone else holding on to hope w/Evans

After the last couple of weeks/season he’s been struggling due to his QB play do I just bench him and run with my other receivers for the playoffs

That is certainly dependent on who those other WRs are. I think it would be a hard move to make but its certainly possible. Evans was still tied for team high with 6 targets. Who were you thinking about giving the starting nod to?

I wanted nothing to do with Evans this year, and that’s after I drafted him high last year.

Thrives on volume. Which he isn’t getting. Brate is he red-zone go-to. Offense as a whole isn’t clicking. But your bench WRs would have to be pretty good to sit Evans.

Well early in the season I some how got AB, Dez and AJ in some crafty sell high trades and buy lows, one owner dropped Zeke, got him sitting on my bench and I got Bell with McCaffrey

In that case i think you could realistically bench him. Dez gets the giants dumpster fire this week, couldnt blame ya to go that way.