Anyone else relying on the ravens Steelers game to be canceled lol

Fingers crossed

I might be wrong but I have a hard time seeing it happen. If it does it looks like covid or no covid, in the nfl the show must go on.

I’m actually relying on it to be played or I’m out of the playoffs. I need a guy to lose out and right now he’s up by six in his game. He’s got Russel Wilson tonight and the BAL DST Tuesday. His opponent has either Claypool or JuJu, depending on who he chooses to play, and the PIT DST. The one with JuJu is the luckiest person I’ve ever seen, constantly winning with trash players who just happen to play like gods when he picks them up, so I’m really hoping his bull shit magic carries him to another victory this week. Of course, it probably won’t because he’s not playing against me.