Anyone else think that Tyrell or Mike Williams will light up the Steelers since Melvin is out now? Which one do you think rivers favors more?

Which one would you put in your flex?

I’m not completely positive Gordon being out extremely affects either of the Williams. Ekeler is still serviceable, but you’re right, they mayyy have to air it out more which would favor Keenan quite a bit but also may favor one of them. Recent history has Rivers targeting Tyrell a bit more.

Seems to be he prefers Mike in the endzone and Tyrell everywhere else. I haven’t looked at their game logs but i’d go with whoever seemed to put up more consistent numbers throughout the year. Based on memory alone and the games i’ve watched (most since I have Rivers/Allen stack) i’d probably go Tyrell.

The major benefactor of Gordon being out is Allen.

Both Williams operate primarily on the outside as deep threats. Gordon wasn’t taking volume away from either of them.

Start either one at your own risk. If you were forced to start one, I’d pick the one that isn’t matched up vs hayden.