Anyone Else Think the Chris Carson Hype Is Out of Control?

I know he’s in a good situation, and I like him, but…

Over the past week, his stock has gone through the roof.

He’s slow, runs into people rather than around them, and is not a proven pass catching back. And after observing Seahawks camp, Pete King said he expects them not to feed Carson as much as they did last year, in order to preserve him.

I know Pete Carroll said he’s got the “best hands on the team,” but Carroll says a lot of things. Carson never caught more than 17 passes in a season at Oklahoma State. And he has never caught more than 20 as a pro.

Who else here is skeptical about all the Carson hype?

Who thinks it’s legit and why?

Agreed. He’s fine in the system but he’s not a top notch talent and I’m not particularly wild about seattles system.

Also, let’s not forget his constant injuries.

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Plus, their o-line is middle of the pack at best.