Anyone in a 6 team league?

As well as my “proper” leagues, Im in a 6 man home redraft league with friends. This league is the most fiercely contested league Im in despite being free to play, as we are very old and close friends, the bragging rights are worth more than any financial prize could ever be. However, this league was created back when none of us had played fantasy before, and while its very fun, its obviously not “real fantasy” with 6 teams. We’ve expanded the rosters to make it better but its still not right, so now we are more experienced we are thinking about expanding.

The trouble is, we dont have 6 other friends who are interested in football/fantasy. Then, none of us are interested in introducing money to the mix, so bringing randoms in wouldnt work as people wouldnt be invested and there’d be nothing stopping people leaving and ruining the league midseason.

So my idea is we find another 6 team league just like ours, we draft as one, and then play as two seperate divisions. 2 games against each of your 5 home league rivals and four games against the other division. Then the top 3 out of each league moves to the postseason, when the best from both divisions battle it out for the title.

I know this is a longshot, but thought it was worth a try. Message me if this might be something youre interested in or if you know anyone who it might help, give them a nudge. Thanks