Anyone in a league with this scoring format?

I want to start a dynasty league with a scoring format that Mike has mentioned a few times on the show. Basically each team can get two points each week, one for winning their matchup and one for scoring in the top half of the league that week.

I use Sleeper and they have the extra weekly matchup against the league median, but this is a little different. Does anyone play in a league like this? What platform do you use? Is there a way to make it work on Sleeper?

That is the exact same thing.

It’s similar, but not the same.

It’s the same. A win is a point. One win/point for a match up win, and one win/point for a top half score ie, scoring higher than the league median.

Mike talks about it because that’s the Sleeper function he uses. It’s the same thing.

My good sir, it is not the same. In the sleeper version, each week you can go 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2. The standings are based on your record. In the version that I’m asking about, each week you get 2, 1, or 0 points. The standings are based on a point system like in hockey. I have used the sleeper version and I don’t like how you can essentially get two losses in one week. It sucks enough to just get one regular loss. I think this other system rewards goods teams without punishing bad teams. Yeah, I know it’s very specific, but that is how my ideal league would be.

If you check back what you asked, you said each team can get two points each week. One for winning their match up, and one for a top half score. One plus one equal two. That’s exactly what Sleeper offers, so that’s where the confusion came from.

The only other site I know of that allows you to do victory points with different values is MyFantasyLeague.

I’d legit recommend just using Sleeper with their settings, as giving two points for a win does have a tiny bit of variance as opposed to the one point for a win, but Sleeper is just sooo much better than MFL, in terms of it’s presentation, mobile app, customer service, everything, it’s worth just so much more worth it.

To show you the difference, here’s the last two years of my 10 team keeper league with the final standings with both formats of 2 points for a win, and 1 for a win. Top halves being 1 in both.

2018 VCKL

2019 VCKL

Mike mentions games against the median. He does not play in leagues with hockey style (2-1-0) format.

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