Anyone interested in new high stakes keeper league?

$300 Keeper League on Sleeper (.5 PPR)
Prefer very active individuals! Msg me to see if its a good fit.

Settings (flexible):

  • Draft: Labor Day or after
  • Number of teams: 12
  • Random Online Snake Draft via Sleeper (Keeper League - Keepers start 2021)
  • Management of Dues: $300 Leaguesafe
  • Half PPR (.5 PPR)
  • FAAB Bidding
  • Playoffs: Start Week14 (6 teams, 1st round by for top2)
  • Winnings: 1st:50% 2nd:25% 3rd:8.33% and 16.67% for other prizes
  • Roster: 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex(W/R/T), 1DEF, 1K, 5BN

Keeper Rules (flexible):

  • Limit on years kept: 3
  • Keepers allowed 0-3 (3 max keepers in 2021)
  • 1st and 2nd round picks are not eligible (2 round penalty)
  • Keeper penalty cost: 2 round penalty cost per year for drafted player (even if traded, draft cost will continue)
  • Keeper penalty cost: 6 round penalty cost for undrafted/FA player (9th round)
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8 spots left

6 spots left

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question with the faab? after it goes thru, say you didn’t get your player, are you able to get a replacement player?

It is whatever Sleeper offers, thats the app we are using. I dont recall, but I dont think you can set an alternate. You would just need to make multiple waiver claims.