Anyone know why Baldwin is getting no targets?

Seriously, I mean I’ve seen him open on a few plays now but nothing… how much longer is he a hold for?

He doesn’t appear to be hurt (beyond what he was already dealing with) if that’s what you are asking. He was out there on Moore’s last touchdown. It does worry me a little bit.

I have no idea either. I drafted him with my 4th pick and wow I wish I hadn’t.

I had first pick and drafted him and Royce Freeman as my 2nd and 3rd round picks at the turn. It can be overcome. I’m 3-1 and look like I am going to move to 4-1, really should be undefeated but it is what it is. The point is people whiff every year on some picks, even high ones. Just stay positive and keep working on your team.

True. I’m 3-1 and hopefully 4-1 too, but my WRs are poor and Baldwin just makes it worse. My other WRs are Diggs, K Cole, and Corey Davis. Already dumped Hogan.
RBs are Saquon, Hunt, Breida, Thompson, Hyde, and A Jones.
Dunno who to aim for or dump to improve my WR outlook

Diggs is a fine option. Just going to have to play matchups with the rest. I’ve got Tate as my #1 right now, Cole, Watkins, Boyd, Baldwin, Allison and just recently dropped Sutton. I tried to prepare for the worst when I drafted Baldwin.

I played Enunwa and Baldwin today…

Honestly, I’m not too sure what’s going on. It’s maybe just taking him some time to get reacquainted with the offense or he just doesn’t have the plant and quick speed change he used to given both of his knees hurt. I’m going to review the coaches film after this game to see what was going on and reassess.

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Sickener. I had Robby Anderson also but dumped him after week 2 as it seemed Darnold hated him!

I will be interested in your report. It is a new OC and he missed camp so even as a veteran I can see it taking some time, but he looked decent enough last week so I am confused by this one too. Thankfully I have Conner, Gurley and Ertz so it’s not going to cost me this week. I almost wish it would have been standard scoring in my league so Doug would have had .1 instead of 1.1 making it look like he did TEN TIMES what he actually did!

He’s out there hitting the double dutch but can’t hit double digit fantasy points.
I was okay with it though, my opponent had him.

I don’t think he hated Anderson. He had some very tough matchups the first 4 weeks.

Yeah I just think that Nagy’s offense is very creative so gets a lot of players involved and Howard and a bruiser. He’s someone that just wears you down as the game goes on. The issue is Howard looked really really good week 1. Was very involved in the pass game, was running and catching well. My problem is that since then, he’s looked mediocre, they haven’t been using him as much in the pass game either.

Anyway, haven’t watched their games enough as watching trubisky play football just infuriates me but have to go check the tape to see whats going on. Will let you know what I find.

We all should have followed the most obvious fantasy football rule, don’t draft injured players, regardless that Baldwin injured his other leg, we just knew better… it will be a while for me before I can ever start him again, got me twice now…

Yeah I started him twice and he’s averaging me less than a point per game.

Me too. Might be too late now, but I just packaged him and James white for Odell. And I feel good about it. Try and package to upgrade to Like Keenan Allen or anyone at all if you can.

This is robbery. Buy window on Odell is closed.

Keenan Allen is the only one left. Get him while you guys still can.

Fully agree. Everyone should buy Keenan Allen now. Already got him in another league. Pay up fellas he will be worth it end the end.

You guys crack me up getting deals like that. I wish I played in leagues with rubes like that willing to make stupid deals.

Wilson only threw 21 times. I think ‘Marty Ball’ is to blame on this.

Yep. I’ve played him twice now where it is probably going to cost me. Because of his performance I need Kamara to go off for 34.32. not feeling good about it.