Anyone need a player to join their league?

Does anyone need a player in a league? I’m cool with whatever size, but I prefer 10-12 team league. Let me know!!!

I’m looking for people to join my keep league but only active members and dedicated owners are invited. If that’s you let me know

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I would love to join your league. I’m very active.

Same here. I’m really active and never just throw up a lineup. Every week I’m trying to win whether its the beginning of the season, or the road to the playoffs

I have an espn 10 man ppr league. Its a $40 buy in(leaguesafe), winner takes all. Ive mod the settings to match Draftking scoring and roster (no kicker, 3wr). Shoot me an email if interested (

So the league is 1pt (ppr) and no kicker? That sounds okay. Has anyone else said that they would go for the top 2 spots collecting? I’d rather almost have that then just 1st place. When are you looking to draft? After preseason?