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Anyone picking up Aaron Rodgers?


He can return as early as Week 15, so he could be a factor in the fantasy football playoffs.


Wondering same thing. I have Mariota… but still


Just picked him up. I had the space, so why not? Plus I have cousins who doesn’t have the best playoff matchups


If you are a qb away from competing for a championship I am totally picking him up. But remember that week 15 against the Panthers is his first week back so might have a tiny bit of rust. And then he has a tough division game against an elite defense in the Vikings for championship week.


So i currently have Alex Smith as my QB and I like the MIA matchup week 16 but he didnt do much against LAC (week 15) and has been looking worse and worse. Would you still grab A Rodgers for the week 15 matchup? I’d have to drop henry or Kearse.


Man you’ve got me thinking about this. I currently only have Wilson on roster. Would be nice to have a backup. Not sure who to drop tho. I have A Brown, Theilen, Hogan, C Davis, Coleman, Doctson and Stills. Can’t drop a RB and have Kelce and Olsen at TE. Any thoughts? I’d probably lean Davis or Stills, most likely Davis.


No and here is why. They are certainly out of the playoffs and will be no reason to rush him back knowing s the franchise! If for some reason they are in contention, I could see that but right now with the schedule and seeding of the Packers I would say there is a zero he sees the field this year. I hate to say that too because I am a DIE HARD PACKERS fan! Make room for a player you know can help you win like Perine, Doctson, Smooches, or a Defense with a great playoff matchup. GL!!!


I picked him up and stashed him on the IR slot. Just in case.