Anyone start Derrick Henry?

I caught a few minutes of the fantasy show today and Fabs was projecting him for 39 yards and 0 touchdowns and saying to stay away.

129 yards and 2 tds later… including a 99 yard touchdown run, but who could have predicted that? LOL

Oh and it’s just the half…

That was a pretty funny play to watch… So slow yet so much bigger than the corner/line backer hahaha


Honestly he has been an okay flex play the last several weeks. Nothing sexy and a little more touchdown dependent than I like, but 5 of the last 7 he’s been at 10 plus fantasy points.

Very true. I’m blown away at how bad the jags D is doin lately

And a 3rd one. Their secondary is actively running AWAY from Henry.

First round of playoffs, and Henry was sitting on waivers yesterday.

Opponent picked him up and played him. Now he has a 34 point head start SO FAR.

Well, fantasy was fun this year i guess :pensive:


He’s on the bench in our league on one of the worst two teams in the league. They started Drake and Doug Martin and flexed D.J. Moore.

like this is outrageous, i didn’t even get a chance


He’s playing the giants next week… do we jump in the flames ???

I wouldn’t expect this but against the Giants I would throw him in there. Like I said he’s had 10 + pts 5 of last 7. That’s a flex. After this and against the Giants. You have to now.



“Random” PED test tomorrow for mr henry

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I’ve seen a couple of these PED talks. Dude has always been huge and powerful. He’s just been slow. This is more like perfect combination of talent, opportunity and another team having given up completely on the season.

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I have to agree @psychosem17. I think Jax just didn’t have their heart in it. BUT…have to wonder if this won’t send a spark thru Henry now that he’s gotten a taste of the “blood”???

Played Fournette and left Henry and Dede on the bench in favor of Gallup and Ellington this week. Awesome start.

Henry had blow up games like that in college. I know it’s not the same thing but still. Even Troy pointed out Henry beat Fournette out for the Heisman in college when LSU and Bama were two run heavy teams in the SEC.

Yeah…I just can’t figure out what set Henry off tonight. I really don’t think it’s the PED’s as others here mentioned…I just think he had his “chit” together tonight and FINALLY decided to put forth a little effort. And then…when JAX apparently just didn’t “show-up” so to speak…Henry got a taste of the LIMELIGHT and RAN WITH IT!!!

Still…amazing showing!!! SMH in amazement!!! :crazy_face:

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Him stiff arming all four members of Jags secondary in one run was amazing.

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I know RIGHT??? LOL…

Random test. Is a joke. Unfortunately happens in nfl. Even with kickers.

Someone kicked a 60 yarder or something and got a “random “ test the following day

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