Anyone taking the risk on Gordon tomorrow

Curious if any Gordon owners are taking the risk with him? I know Miami gives up a metric ton of rushing yards every game. I am sure even with limited touches it could work, looking for opinions on it. I know he just reported to camp but he is trying to get a huge contract for next year so I assume he came ready to perform.

In a word… no… he’s been with the team for two days… my whole roster would have to be out to start him this week… next week? Green light go

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I think I would have to agree with @BratwurstNightmare. I think I’d have to see how this week goes before rushing to throw him in my line-up. Too many ???'s at the moment.

–Are they gonna work him back in slowly as they’re saying??
–What are the attitude levels between him and the coaching staff after all this push and shove over the past months??
–Is he ticked at them??
–Are they ticked at him??
–What shape is he in after not practicing with the team all this time??
ETC, ETC, ETC. :thinking:

I traded gurley and Westbrook for Gordon yesterday. Bell is my other RB But is on bye. I have Mattison and Pollard on my roster lol, so I’m starting Gordon basically because I have to

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@laporte17…starting him out of necessity and starting him for “point-seeking-purposes” is a whole different world at this point. AND…considering the production Gurley is putting up right now, I think I would have gone with that TRADE myself. Best of luck to you my friend…AND…WELCOME TO THE CLAN!!! Glad to have you aboard!!! :smiley: