Anyone targeting OBJ?

I think I want to but don’t know if I’m getting suckered again. I have way too many RBs and am thinking of trading Tevin Coleman and maybe another piece for him. Maybe just Coleman since this person already has Mostert and I can make an argument that he might want that security and OBJ sucks.

Maybe I suck!

If you can get OBJ for Coleman 100% do it, hes got so much talent if they get things rolling in Cleveland you will be laughing

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Thanks! I sent it in so I’m just waiting.

I just got Tyler Boyd for James Robinson. Sort of feel a little sick about it but I just grabbed Robinson off waivers a couple days ago and flipped it for a mid round player that I think is still going be a fantastic WR2.

So that’s:
Allen Robinson
Robert Woods
Tyler Boyd
and pursuing OBJ