Anyone trading FOR Baldwin?

Are you guys picking up Baldwin before he comes off bye and Wilson begins the second half of season comeback?

Tried to. Owner wanted to hold him for his WR2

ive got baldwin and lockett in same league, not trying to hold both. what kind of value you think is out there for lockett?? i for sure want to hold balwdin, for as you mentioned, seahawks remember how to play football in the second half of season usually.

sorry for attempting to hijack the thread, feel free to tell me to f off and make my own!

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I don’t really know of any 1 for 1 deals people are doing with Lockett but I know some package deals can be made. People still have a low perception of Baldwin so Lockett could potentially get you something nice in a package.

Yeah it seems hard to trade for him right now. Even on the bye week lol.

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just hit the owner of OBj for a lynch OR brieda and lockett. thoughts?

bye week is whats gonna probably push any trades til next week.