Anyone worried about Adams after last night's game?

I took him with my first pick. Was it just the matchup? Is it the change in head coach and new offense? Or is it just one game?

It’s just one game. Adams will be fine. New offensive scheme, first time execution in real time for Aaron Rodgers. Also, tbh…“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. That’s what Lafleur was dealing with last night.

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Not too much. GBs offense looked rusty as a whole and on the road vs Kyle Fuller is a tough matchup for any wideout; Adams is no exception. He still led the team in targets.

However, Iwill say if he and Rodgers aren’t locked in yet, his early season schedule isn’t great: they get Minnesota next week and Rhodes will shadow him, somewhat softer matchups in Denver and Philly and then cranked up again @ Dallas. It’s possible you’ll need to be patient while he and Rodgers nail down the connection in the new offense.

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You should be very worried. couldn’t you tell by watching the game. for Rodgers MVS took over as the Primary WR1. MVS leaped adams. drop adams for MVS

You should be banned for giving this advise. Drop Davante Adams for MVS? Also, what does this have to do with his question about Jones? I demand a ban… or award for troll comment of the day.

To OP, no reason to worry…yet.

he’ll be fine. he wont live up to his ADP, but i’m predicting he will finish as a high WR2 with some upside

A little worried for the first few weeks and late in the season. There are some tough match ups.

I wish you were in my league. Pounding the panic button that hard? Oh the trades I would offer.

Sarcasm I assume?

Apparently others didn’t get it.