Anyone worried about Kareem Hunt?

Just seems like he has been trending downward since week 4. He’s only a high/mid RB2 since week 4 and the past two weeks have really stunk. Try to get RB1 value for him or ride it out? My other Rb’s are Ajayi, McKinnon, and Mixon. I’m 6-3 but without an elite producing RB I’m not sure how long of a playoff run I’m going to have.

Coming out if their bye week I believe Reed will get Hunt more involved. Their offense was dominant early on with him getting touches and KC will figure that out. You could look into getting Shady or another under performing back and maybe even another piece

It’s funny, I tried to tell people earlier in the year that Hunt was a great candidate to sell high. I got roasted for it. Now there are a several questions on here from worried Hunt owners.

To answer your question, it depends on what you can get. Everyone on my team is available st the right price. It’s probably not the best time to try to sell him, but try shopping him and see what the temperature is. My guess is you get low ball offers from people trying to buy low, but you never know.

If you actually watch Hunt play this wouldn’t be a question. Hunt is so talented, his ability to get yards after contact is unbelievable. When a running play looks done hunt will stiff arm someone for a gain of 4 or 5 yards. NO ONE in fantasy football will have 20 + point games every week. Hunt will end the season as a top 4 RB. Do not trade him unless you get Hunt value. After the BYE hunt will come back rested and with more plays designed for him.

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I agree. I figured out a way to basically trade Hunt for Fournette last week and I’m glad at this point.

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Yea, that’s an absolute steal.

I’m not worried at all, he’s as talented as he was at the beginning of the season nothing has changed there. If you’re worried about the last 2 weeks, he went up against Denver defense who was shutting down all RBs and this week they were playing catch up most of the game so the game script just wasn’t there. He’s got a nice playoff schedule too

If you actually look at Hunt, not just his fantasy points, you’ll realize hes fine. Yesterday was the lowest yards he’s had all year. Every other week he’s has 100+. Basically just isn’t getting the touchdowns, which he should be getting. If Lev was doing this, no one would say they are worried but because hes a rookie, you are worried. Don’t worry. He’s fine.

That’s part of the concern though: he can be game-scripted out of the game plan and the team as a whole doesn’t look nearly as good as they did early. Also, I still don’t think he’s as talented as most seem to, having watched half a season of film. Very Good? Yes. Top flight NFL RB? No.

Edit: he’s probably still an RB1 ROY, but he’s not a virtually guaranteed league winner like many seemed to think after 3 games.

Lmaoooo you are drunk!!! Do you understand that he has 100 + yards in 7 out of 9 games!?!?!? I dont think you do.

I do. I just also understand that numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Yea you are drunk. Its football/fantasy numbers tell the whole story. 4 TDs and bell has 5 lol. “Top flight NFL RB? No.”

Numbers tell the the story of what happened, not why it happened. To predict what will happen going forward, the why is very important.

Also, to clarify, by top flight, I’m talking about a very small list of players: Bell, a healthy DJ, Zeke, Gurley and maybe Shady, though I might put Shady around the top of the next tier.

Would you guys trade funchess, drake or Allen for hunt and ginn?

Getting Hunt? Absolutely. As I said, I’m not as high on him as most, but he’s still a good and valuable asset. That trade would be stealing.

None of those players would get you Hunt

You don’t know this league dude got aj green for djax and Detroit

Wow. That’s egregious. You never know, it’s definitely possible someone is tilting, especially since I think they have a bye now?

If you’re getting Hunt then yes!! Allen could be phased out with Woodhead coming back