AP prediction. Im up by 10 :( WILL I SURVIVE?!

My opponent has Adrian Peterson. im up by 10 pts PPR

Will I LIVE?

i think you have a solid shot. Philly has a decent run defense and passing work will go to chris thompson since he will be back

In the same situation situation, I’m up about 18pts. Peterson has had a few big games this year, but I don’t think this will be one. Back up QB is in for WSH, he is decent but not great. It’ll be a windy night in Philly, playing on the road there is tough for anyone too, I think WSH has a tough time moving the ball. They have been giving up big games to rb’s recently, but that has been to Barkley, Kamara/Ingram, and Zeke. Before that they were among the best in the league. You have a solid chance to win, good luck.

Yea this guy im playing we are both fighting for the LAST spot of the playoffs

I’m going for the bye. I just need Peterson to have less than 18pts., or Ertz to have less than 22. Waiting for Monday Night is the worst. I’ve had good luck this season on Monday’s, but the wait drives me nuts.

I was the last seed the previous 2 seasons in my league, won the championship 2 years ago.

You gotta be kidding me. Mark Sanchez can’t throw, all they had to do was block the run, and you let AP do that?!?!? That’s embarrassing on Philly.

bro……. T.T

1 fking play! just 1 play fked me.


Check out my team.

and im not making it to playoffs FML. end rant.