Ap rest of season?

Is ap for real a possibility weekly starter ros? Looking at a trade offered to me for Ingram. AP and cooks. Need to improve my wr for sure

For Ingram? I’d do it. Rob Kelley is done, Perine isn’t good, Thompson is not an every down back. Cooks is good too. You’re getting AP + Cooks? Double checking, I think thats a great deal if you need a receiver.

Yeah I’d be recieving ap and cooks. And i already have Howard and Barkley as every week starters

If you need WR improvement I’d just go for it. We don’t know what Ingram will be like when he returns. But we know for sure that AP and Cooks are both killing it right now.

And the dealmaker is your current RB situation. Barkley and Howard then adding Cooks to your WR core and AP as a flex? I’d like to see the rest of your team. Sounds nasty

Qb Stafford
Rb Howard, Barkley, Ingram, burkhead, michel, Clement
Wr tate, cooper, agholor, c. Davis, k. Cole, j. Brown(bal)
Te burton.

And I just sent a counter offer to him giving Ingram, cooper, michel for ap, k. Johnson, cooks.
Since I hate the woes of cooper and not know what to expect for ne rb’s

You win that trade. I think you can go ahead and do that. K Johnson is a nice addition to it esp after tonight. Ingram’s stats last season keep nagging at me in the back of my mind, but I think this is all worth it to get Cooks and upgrade your WR’s. Ingram could fetch an even better WR hypothetically but it all depends on your league and stuff. I think if you have this trade on the table you take it. Is this PPR? Forgot to clarify that I like Cooks much more in PPR since the Rams have many TD scoring options.

I get that you want to improve your WR depth, but I think you could get more for him. If you’ve had a slow start to the season and are worried about the playoffs, then go for it I guess. Peak value for Ingram will be sometime in weeks 4-7, though. If he has 1 week as an RB1 within his first couple back, then you should be able to get a lot more.