Appreciate your advice!

What would you do? PPR
I have been offered Austin Ekeler
Chase Edmonds and Amari Cooper
My team is as follows
P Mahomes
D Henry
C Edmonds
T Hill
A Cooper
M Andrew’s
C Claypool

Thank you!

You don’t have a bench? That’s kind of important, you know…

Yeah, I’m making that trade, but only if it’s full PPR.

Yeah my bad I should have put that.
Ja’Mar Chase
K Hunt
AJ Dillion
M Jones Jr
N Agholor
J Palmer
T Lance

I’ll lean yes but in ppr it’s close as cooper could still be the guy on the cowboys receiving crew. It’s a solid depth for position scarcity trade.

I dunno, you kinda of need a better RB2 (Hunt will probly be your usual RB2), and as much as I don’t like Ekeler as a RB1, he could be a serviceable RB2–but I don’t know if you survive at WR, with your lack of depth.

Now your RBs are really good, but you’re starting Claypool and Marvin Jones at WR.

I mean, I guess WR is easier to fix than RB, so maybe you should go ahead and trade the weakness at RB for a weakness at WR while you can, and then try to improve at WR through the waiver wire…?