Appreciation Post Before the 'Ship

Dear Footballers,

As a near-30 father from the midwest, with each passing day, his opportunities for greatness grow fewer and fewer. I’ve had my fun. I’ve saddled up the ol’ mare and strut around the ranch a time or two. Now that we’ve set the scene, pull up a bar stool and let this cowboy lay some sweet appreciation on your lap.

Before I began listening to your podcast, I believed myself to be a pretty solid fantasy manager. My teams often went deep in the playoffs, yet I’ve only won the big dance a lousy two times. Often juggling 2-4 teams each season, I spend hours researching and overthinking only to find myself in the same spot time and time again. This year, my best friend Mitch let me in on his secret to the upcoming season; The Fantasy Footballers Podcast. Now, I will regretfully admit that I was skeptical, as podcasts have never been my cup of tea. But each day, I commute to and from my job as a bartender at a particular wing franchise (Rhymes with WUFFALO BILD BINGS), so I found myself giving into the storm that was this podcast. Needless to say, it completely changed my seasons.

Let’s talk about the good and the bad. For the first time in the history of our leagues, I went a cool 14-0. AN UNDEFEATED SEASON!? Yes. Killed it all year. Then reality set in: thanks to Mr. “I’m gonna show up week one of the playoffs and carry 8-seeds to the finals” Henry of the Titans, my playoff run was cut short. That being quite devastating, I carried onward in our 24-man bar league’s playoffs with one last chance at eternal glory.

What you read next may blow your minds, but I swear it is both true and completely undoctored. Remember that friend I had mentioned earlier, Mitch? The one who introduced me to Footballers? Yeah, that guy. He is in the championship next week against yours truly. That’s right - The two listeners of your podcast DOMINATED the league and found ourselves in a grueling finale for the ages, and we definitely owe some gratitude where it is due.

Without the Fantasy Footballers Podcast (and a little bit of luck), we couldn’t have imagined such a fantastic outcome to our season. We plan on letting everyone in on the secret once the 'ship has sailed, and highly recommend your product to all who spend sleepless nights analyzing schedules and waiver forums.

As for my pal Mitch, he made a bold mistake bringing this podcast to my attention, and for that, he must be dealt with. Yipee ki-yay, partners! tilts hat

Merry Christmas and seasons greetings!
Keep up the great work!
-Ricky from Indiana

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LOL @rickythompson. ( I’m assuming you meant this for Andy, Mike and Jason, but couldn’t resist commenting).

Don’t know how I missed your post here since I’m usually here at the chat forum almost daily from the start of the season til the end.

BUT…I have to tell you my FFB friend…this was such an enjoyable read. Do you write professionally in any form? If not you should consider it. Great read!!!

Anyway…LOL…there were a couple of other posts here that had a similar context as yours…as in……“as much as we’d love to promote and share this place and the BALLERS Andy, Jason and Mike with others that are addicted to this wacky, crazy world of FFB…almost can’t bring ourselves to give this place away to our league-mates for the very reason you mentioned”:

LOL…I don’t want my league-mates to know about this place, if they don’t already, for a couple of reasons. #1…they’ll be in on some of the valuable advice they’ve wondered how I figured out. And #2…LOL…if they figure out it’s me on some of these posts they might pick up on some of my “strategy” for the week!!! LOL

Anyway…again…great writing pal!!! :+1:

Haha no, I definitely do not write professionally. Just some guy who wanted to shout some thanks from the top of the mountains before my week 17 finale. Hoping it brings good fortune to my boys!

Merry christmas!

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LOL…well…maybe you should consider it my friend!!! You have a definite “skill” for it!!!

Again…thanks for the chuckle and enjoyable “presentation” of your FFB experience here!!!

AND…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS AS WELL!!! :grinning::christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: