Are any of you still buying Dalvin Cook?

After this week 5 teams in my league will be tied at 5-2 for the lead with only pts scored separating them.

The only meaningful piece I can offer is a QB in a league where most teams roster two. (Winston is the best guy on the wire). Thinking about offering Luck or Ben for Cook in hopes he can help me down the stretch in a few weeks. (Maybe after bye?) That owner has banged up Watson and Eli as his qbs.

My RB situation is Gurley, Conner, Chubb, Hyde, R Freeman


I wouldn’t give up one of those QB’s unless you can guarantee getting Winston to replace them. Even then Cook is too iffy might be out past the week 10 bye. I’d try and see if they’d do Freeman or even Hyde now that you have Chubb

I would happily give up either of those QBs to get Cook. Preferably Ben cause I think Luck is a plug and play starter every week. Regardless of matchup (yes, I’m starting him vs Jax). And if Winston is on the wire, even better. You can grab him to plug for a bye. But in most weeks, I’m still starting Luck over winston confidently.

I would be buying Cook. I have Hyde and R Freeman already.

Not a lot of trading in my league. Cook owner seems the only one I could reasonably move something with at this time.

Oh you mean trading Hyde or Freeman for Cook?

Yea I’d see if Hyde’s hype to Jacksonville or Freeman would get him to bite

Not sure that’s enough. Everyone knows LF is scheduled back after bye -(for now).

You can try and talk up a timeshare or 3 man split since Yeldon has looked decent. Not saying it’ll work but worth a try on hype train.

Just traded Ito straight up for DC last night to a major Falcons fan. Pretty pumped to have him aboard down the homestretch to the playoffs.


Brandin Cooks looks like another guy I could possibly get for Ben. Better or worse? He’s been down the past couple of games but the ROS schedule looks pretty good.

Bro, if you can get brandin cooks for Ben, take that trade and run away and never look back. Ever.

Not sure if you’ve seen my previous posts but I’ve been telling people to target him since after week 1. Love how they use him, we all know his deep play threat, and he’s just a stud. Best WR on that team from a talent perspective. WOods is great too and so is kupp, but of all 3, I still love Cooks to finish the season as the lead dog.

It’s 0-7 team. Newish player. They have Beckham too but I don’t think I have enough to get him and it be a fair trade.

Big Ben for Brandin Cooks is not even remotely close to a fair trade (confirming this is single QB?). So if that’s possible, maybe OBJ is too if you take Big Ben+. Although if Cooks for Big ben is on the table, i wouldn’t even bother getting sneaky or greedy. Opportunities like that don’t come by very often.

It’s not on the table yet. Just discussions. I would probably throw in a lesser WR too like an Allison or Watkins to even it out some. It’s single QB but everyone just about rosters 2. (10 of the 12 teams). Winston is the only guy on the wire worth his salt in fantasy and I just put a claim in on him and have priority over the Rivers owner who has only Rivers going into bye.

That doesn’t even come close to evening it out. If you can swing either of those scenarios, jump on it. Good luck.

If I have to move up to someone like Tate I would consider it. QBs carry some value in our league just because there aren’t enough left on the wire to really realistically stream. Mitch, Bortles, Dalton, etc all rostered.

I thought you got Winston off the wire? I’d take Winston over Ben ROS easily. And I thought you had luck. At this point, I’ll plug Luck in and start him every single week regardless of matchup.

If you have to move to tate, I’d still do it.

I put in a claim. I can’t see anyone other than Rivers owner going for him and I have priority. It rolls through tonight.

Other owners rostering 1 qb are Brees owner (bye done) and Cousins owner with bye in a couple of weeks and priority over me. So it’s 9 out of 12 teams rostering 2 not 10. I am not going to push on the trade until waivers runs. The Cousins owner usually plays a week in advance but probably not two weeks out so I think it’s pretty safe I get him.

The Cousins and Rivers owners are also in direct competition with me with a tied record on the top so if this goes through it is going to force the both of them to stream someone like a Keenum when their qbs are on bye.

I was thinking of offering the Cook owner Chubb and Watkins for Cook and Woods. Fair deal? I’d then have Thielen, Woods, and Landry as my WR starters and Zeke, Conner, Howard, Cook, and A Jones as my Rbs. Would you offer this? Standard scoring.

I think it’s possible.

I was offered this today, will probably counter and which would be better to keep ROS Kupp or Hilton?